Who we are

We are employees of Reach Wireline, a Fort Worth, Texas - based oilfield services company backed by Hastings Equity Partners.  

The evolution of a humanitarian effort

After first being asked by a dear family friend from Wise County Health System to build a handful of these boxes to protect their staff from COVID-19 exposure, we realized the need for such a device was widespread due to the nation-wide shortage of PPE . We decided to begin building several more, offering them to local hospitals free of charge so that their healthcare staff could be better-protected as they fight to save lives, backing this effort with the support of generous donations and community support. We made an instructional video and drawings to show others how to make these boxes in case they wanted to make them for their local community. As word began to quickly spread through the news and social media alike, requests for these boxes began coming in from across the nation as we rushed to obtain more material to keep up with the demand. Today, we continue to make as many boxes as we can so that the Healthcare Heroes of this great nation can stay safe to fight another day.